make your own tiral

(remixed from pentiral, by bh) by xenotrope
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thanks to bh for all base code. I just added a function so that the code that creates the tirals can be controlled by variables that you put in. Click 2 to disable turbo and click 3 to enable turbo. Click space to change the shape making variables. Click 1 to make tiral.                                                                                                 Let's say you want the decoration polygon to be a regular pentagon. You would put in 5 for polygon sides, then divide 360 by 5 and put in the answer of 360/5 = (72) for the polygon angle. Voila, you have a pentagon! Then simply add a value into the pattern angle, 121 for example, and finally add a value for the polygon size, size of the decoration polygon. Be careful, if you wanted to make a circle, even putting (1) for the decoration polygon size would result in a large circle. adding in high values may cause snap to crash of for no visible pattern to be seen.

Created March 15, 2020

Last updated March 15, 2020

Published March 15, 2020