Sandwich Stacker

by the2000
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Forum thread:

Click the > button to start the game. Click when the ingredient is above the sandwich to drop it onto the sandwich. If you miss, the game ends.

This is the result of my efforts to make a real game using Snap. Snap is slow and harder to work with in some ways, but it's, uh, charming? :P

Song is "Contest Winner Parade" from the Wii Check Mii Out channel
Made in Snap! 6.3.7
Art done in GIMP
Thanks to @pumpkinhead for encouraging me to take another look at the "disappearing table" bug (I fixed it!)

(11/24/2020: Hey, front page!)

(2/20/2021: You can now use space instead of clicking to drop the ingredient)

Created November 23, 2020

Last updated February 20, 2021

Published November 23, 2020