SPLE - Snap! Programming Language Engine

by earthrulerr
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SPLE - Snap! Programming Language Engine

Publisher: earthrulerr
Release: 0.23
Type: Tool, IDE
Platform: PC, iPad (see below), Keyboard
PC: Recommended/intended for PC.
iPad: iPad’s/Tablets will only work if you are in the Snap! Editor and on the SPLE project, click notes then click the SPLE editor and type with the on screen keyboard.
Keyboard: Any device with a Keyboard that Snap! supports, will work, iPads/ PC’s, etc.

SPLE is a IDE for programming languages. Make your own programming languages with a working editor, compiler, and output in one! Originally created and used in S1ML, SPLE has been used in Snap!F****, SPL, S1ML, and other languages in Snap!! 

Created July 13, 2022

Last updated July 13, 2022

Published July 13, 2022