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(remixed from GD ICON KIT, by megam123official) by earthrulerr
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The copyright claim below is not legal. Snap! and all projects published on Snap! are licensed under GNU Affero GPL Locensing read this:

“Suppose you develop and release a free program under the ordinary GNU GPL. If developer D modifies the program and releases it, the GPL requires him to distribute his version under the GPL too. Thus, if you get a copy of his version, you are free to incorporate some or all of his changes into your own version.” - GNU AFFERO GPL

All of this right here is not legally true unless included in GNU*
       Terms Of Use And Service:
Creative Commons- 
1) You may not use this work for anything.
2) You may not use this in any commercial use. 

Coding: MegaM123Official
Music: Startcat Samma
Sprites: GD COLON
ALL RIGHTS RESERVED!!! (no not true)

1) You may not steal anything from this game.
2) You may make a different version.
3) If you edit anything MegaM123 trademark will press charges or call FBI.
The FBI does not inflict trademarks, the US Patent and Trademark Barue does, and you have not legally obtained a trademark from them. Also you cannot “call the FBI”k you can file a report.

Created October 7, 2022

Last updated October 7, 2022

Published October 7, 2022