good projects

by ajisboss

Created June 25, 2021

Last updated October 22, 2021

Shared June 25, 2021

Published June 25, 2021

I put projects i think are good in here 
so if you want your projects in here make good ones like tetris nintendo.
my high score on don't freak out is 5(I did not make the game) PS I did not make any of these.                                          note for all editors only i (ajisboss™).                   can change the description                                                                                           .                         credits                                      created by ajisboss™                                         creations added by:                                       snapcloud                                                            bromagosa                                                         tiky                                                                       ajisboss™                                                                       forsteken                                                            and                                                                       luis mayorga                                                  etc