Pixel Bounce ver. 1.1.0

(remixed from Pixel Bounce ver. 1.1.0, by evanyang873) by toy freddy fazbear
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Welcome to Pixel Bounce! A platformer inspired by geometry dash, celeste, and super meat boy.

Use Arrow Keys or WAD to move left and right and Jump.
Touch the Yellow Flag to move on to the next level.
Don't touch the Spikes or Spinning Saws.
Touching Green Squares gives you an extra mid-air Jump.
Credits and Volume slider are in the Info Tab.
Thanks for playing!

Added new gamemode options, Normal and Perma-Death, which sends you all the way back to the start.
The timer no longer counts up during level transitions.
Fixed some code inefficiencies.
Fixed a typo in a text box.

Created February 11, 2021

Last updated February 11, 2021

Published February 11, 2021