Midi Player and Visualizer

by the_lucky13
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Midi Player And Visulizer                                                                   
From Thomas Putz / the_lucky13                                
Click play and import the mid file / song and let it load

Has to be run on turbo mode if not setting.

Heres a little story
I was looking around for file imports and I can acrossed one.
it said " So can someone please make a MIDI player with my library." sadly i did not use it, But I made it with a new built-in lib.
After 2 weeks of work / optimizing, I present to you a MIDI Player.
Truescope is the midi file parser and instruments
I did the rest like the midi "player" and visualizer

Created December 4, 2023

Last updated April 23, 2024

Published December 4, 2023