by ten_6044
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Snap!Board is a virtual keyboard made in Snap! It is useful for mobile devices because they often have no physical keyboard.

1. Drag the "bring up virtual keyboard" block from the Snap!Board category.
2. Use it in your scripts.
3. When it runs, you can type something there, using the virtual keyboard (physical keyboard support will be released later).
4. The answer will be stored into an upvar. When someone cancels, it will return blank.

To use it in your projects, see code, choose "file" menu at the top bar, then choose "Export blocks"

- Pressing the space bar twice will automatically add a period.
- Adding general punctuation creates a new sentence.

It may have a few flaws.

- Text may overflow if you type too much.
- Adding decimal places may add a space. You can press backspace to remove the space.

These flaws may be fixed in a newer version.

Nov 14 -- Added numeric keypad, thanks, jeffraejr!

Created November 4, 2022

Last updated November 14, 2022

Published November 5, 2022