Snap! Sound Editor

by ten_6044
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2.0 Released!

Latest version: 2.1.0c

Import - Drag sound to Snap! then import sound. You can also record.
Tutorial - Instructions for beginners.
Insert - Places something like sine waves, silence, etc. to your sound.
Edit - Edits your sound with many kinds of things, such as speed, trim, etc.
Play - Plays your sound.
Save - Saves your sound into your database (but limited based on browser).

Change Log: See code

For Instructions in 1.x, see code.
For some reason editing the code in Version 2.x is buggy that sometimes the blocks will extend, break or scroll when clicked. Sorry for that. But not always happen.

Created December 27, 2021

Last updated August 24, 2023

Published December 30, 2021