Smart Driving

by ten_6044
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This project tracks the speed and distance when someone is driving.

The green dot stands for your position.

The speedometer comes in 5 different colors:
- Black: Parking
- Blue: Congestion/traffic
- Green: Normal driving
- Yellow: Fast driving
- Red: Driving too fast. For safety, it is recommended to reduce the speed until it is no longer red.

- For safety, if you're a driver, use a mobile phone instead of desktop, and place it to the instrument panel.
- For safety, if you're on a gas station, pause the project and turn off the device for a few minutes. Then resume the project.

If you see an alert saying "Geolocation failed," or if it locates to the wrong location, please check your location settings and permission. Using a mobile phone might also fix this problem. Laptops may have a weaker GPS feature than mobile phones, though it takes a minute for laptops to geolocate accurately. Some browsers don't allow websites to use location in insecure websites (HTTP). If the browser says that the website is not secure, replace http:// with https:// and try again.

This is a bit inaccurate sometimes, but it may be fixed soon.

Dec 6, 2022 - Changed some features to make it a little like... smart.
Aug 28, 2022 - It's a good day to re-share the project now.
Aug 24, 2022 - Unshared for review
Aug 20, 2022 (part 2) - Time will now also be saved when continued driving.
Aug 20, 2022 (part 1) - Added menu and a prompt to ask you to continue driving or not. Reduced delay to 15 seconds. New thumbnail. New start screen.

Created August 11, 2022

Last updated January 7, 2024

Shared August 28, 2022