Singular to Plural

by ten_6044
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I made a project called "Singular to Plural", which is a project to convert singular words to plural.

1. Enter any word. It's best to only enter 1 word in the input.
2. Press enter. You'll see your results.
3. To enter another word, keep typing.

- It may not be 100% accurate, but it should be fixed soon.
- If you end your word with a punctuation, the results will be inaccurate, avoid punctuations.
- To use it in your projects, see code, go to the file menu, and choose Export blocks.
- If you enter a number or an abbreviation (that is, all uppercase), it will return something different, like TV to TV's, VCR to VCR's, etc.

Nov 5, 2022 -- Added Snap!Board support (virtual keyboard), and the project can now speak to you.

Created September 2, 2022

Last updated November 5, 2022

Published September 2, 2022