Remove Color from Costumes (Blocks)

by ten_6044
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Hello! I've made a block called "remove color from costume". You can use this to remove backgrounds or colors from an image.

1. Drag "remove color" block from the palette.
2. Set the color. It can be found in the Pen Category. Drag the color block to the color input in the "remove color" block. Pick the color to an image.
3. Set the sensitivity on the tolerance on how much is the range needed for the background to be removed.

The block is displayed at home screen.

Some large costumes can take some time to remove colors, but it doesn't matter.

Want to use it in projects? See code, click File, then choose "Export blocks". You don't need to export the blue "show message" block and the "snap" block.

Don't worry, when taking photos, nothing will be sent, shared, nor saved.

More examples coming soon. This may be improved later.

Created August 23, 2022

Last updated August 23, 2022

Published August 23, 2022