Music Maker+

by ten_6044
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Welcome to Music Maker+.

Music Maker+ is a music making project that allows you to make your own music, tones, and many more.

Click - Add/remove notes.
Up/down arrow - Change duration of note.
Space - Menu
Mouse wheel - Scroll
Ctrl + Mouse wheel - Zoom in/out

To save, press Space, then choose Save (as .txt file). It will be exported to TXT file. To load, copy the exported TXT file, press Space, then choose Load, then paste the copied TXT file. It will load the music.

1. There is something where saving to TXT only works in the editor, so make sure to see code in order to save to TXT.

Created January 9, 2024

Last updated January 9, 2024

Published January 9, 2024