D Directions (rhythm game)

by ten_6044
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D' Directions is a rhythm game with four directions. Anyone can enjoy playing this game.

1. Click the green flag, then choose a song.
2. When the arrow reaches the gray line, press the corresponding key on your keyboard. Get as many as you can to get a  high combo and get more score. The green arrow is the corresponding arrow you should press when it reaches the gray line.
3. Keep going until the game completes.

Prerelease, so it might be incomplete.

You can see code and change the contents whenever you want, or you can add your own song to a rhythm game.

The "user" song is only intended for use for users who want to make their own songs with a record. You can delete the "user" song if you want.

F is gotten if less than 70% of notes were caught. C is gotten when you get 70-85% caught. B is gotten when you get 85-95% caught. A is gotten when you get over 95% caught (if you miss at least one note). S is gotten when you get 100% caught (without missing one).

- This may lag sometimes.
- The recording system sometimes generate double notes, making notes harder to catch.
- Some note catches don't work if the notes are close together.
- Some note catches don't work on touchscreen.

0.2b.2 - Changed F grade to D.
0.2b.1 - Fixed touchscreen bug.
0.2b - Added "Hard" to Fireball.
0.2 - Yay! The first song ever: Fireball by SYNAPSON. Currently only one difficulty: Easy, which has over 300 notes.
0.1.3 - Added great streaks, plus an SS rank if you get all notes great. There will be songs soon!
0.1.2 - Support for touchscreen.
0.1.1 - Added a ranking system. (F, C, B, A, or S)
0.1 - Initial pre-release.


Thanks to the following for the songs!

Fireball by SYNAPSON: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:SYNAPSON_-_FIREBALL_(Music_Video).webm

License: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/deed.en

Created October 14, 2022

Last updated November 26, 2023

Published October 17, 2022