2D Minecraft Snap! Edition

by ten_6044
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1. Find a tree.
2. Hold the left mouse button on the wood of the tree to get wood.
3. Get 3 of them.
4. Press E, choose Crafting, choose a recipe. Try making planks and use your 4 planks to make a crafting table.
5. Use numbers 1-9 to choose the crafting table. Place the crafting table by pressing the left mouse button in an empty space. Hover over the crafting table while pressing E to access more recipes.
6. Enjoy!

WASD - Move the player
1-9 - Choose an inventory slot.
E - Do some crafting.
Left/right arrows - Move inventory pages.

Known issues:
> Saplings can be placed on non-dirt blocks.

Minecraft assets from the official Minecraft in-game files.

0.7.2 - Changed Font
0.7.1 - Changed player to my OC.
0.7 - Updated OC
0.6.1 - Updated the thumbnail
0.6 - Added my OC that instructs people to play the game. You can press Z to dismiss.
0.5 - Tools now have limited durabillity. You can see the amount of durability at the number found at the item.
0.4 - Added experience and experience orb sounds.
0.3 - Added click sounds, ores now generate in veins.
0.2 - Added cancel button to the E menu, added saplings, fixed draggable sprite.
0.1 - Initial Release

Created November 17, 2023

Last updated March 5, 2024

Published November 17, 2023