Bridge It

by slate technologies
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Earlier today, I was looking at a video called "The Roblox Beta Iceberg" when I suddenly heard about this game called "Bridge It".

The narrator of the video said that Bridge It had many clones because of how simple it is to make.

So I wondered "Just how simple is this game? How easy is it to clone it?" And so I made a clone - I mean remake, of the game to see.

Anyways, here's the remake. You basically control Scratch Cat as he traverses from Point A to Point B, or from the left platform to the right. However, there is lava which can kill him. So you need to help him build a bridge because he has no Minecraft skills. No Fortnite skills either, he's only played the "Zero Build Battle Royale" mode.

I mean you can't blame him for being that stupid. I guess you can.

EDIT: I could add some Roblox Beta music to this if you want. If you don't know what the Roblox Beta music is, just search up "Dynablox music" or something like that on Youtube.

Created May 20, 2022

Last updated May 21, 2022

Published May 20, 2022