by sladescar
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Welcome to SnipOS 2.0.3

"The only thing that has changed, is everything."

In OS2, we have constructed by far the greatest computer simulator UI on Snap! and we have put in hours, days and weeks of planning and developing this software. 

Now, Lets tell you what we've been working on since august...

The all new PaperUI 2 makes AllitrodeUI 4 look like our competiton.
PaperUI was designed with simplicity in mind, AllitrodeUI 4 was simple but had its bugs, OS2 and PaperUI were designed to withstand most major bugs and even fixes bugs that haven't even been reported yet.
OS2 is said to change computer simulations on Snap! and we will not let SnipOS die like some of our past projects. We plan to give Snap! a new SnipOS every 1-2 Months and each update will be at least 2x better than the last. We hope you enjoy SnipOS 2 and we are happy to accept feedback for our project.

Developed by Pulse Software & sladescar.

Created September 30, 2022

Last updated January 11, 2023

Published October 3, 2022