SnipOS 8

by sladescar
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Welcome to SnipOS 8

SnipOS is an operating system simulator by Hyposyn Software. Remember, this is an operating system simulator, and is not to be compared to something like macOS Ventura, or Windows 11.

SnipOS 8 is the new, most powerful application that hyposyn has made on Snap! 

Featured Feature: ColdFusion 1.0, frees memory to speed up the OS*, or uses more to improve quality.

(* Speed Up not promised to work on all browsers)

In OS7, (and OS6) we have decided to use applications curated by the hyposyn & Snap! community, and we have expanded that in OS8

Here is some info for some apps for SnipOS 8!

LXP Studio
Hyposyn's most powerful DAW yet for advance users. with auto-play recording, over 15 piano instruments, and 10x faster then Hydro Tracks without turbo mode

Notebook (or Analog Notebook) is the new way to take notes on SnipOS.

Hyposyn Maps.
One of the most powerful applications on SnipOS 8, is a google maps alternative.
Press "Space" to set the location to a custom longitude and latitude.

Created March 21, 2023

Last updated April 5, 2023

Published April 5, 2023