LXP Studio

by sladescar
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Hyposyn Studios brings you:

LXP Studio

LXP stands for Level x Power, Meaning the collaboration between Hyposyn's Level Pro 3, and PowerVDX 22.



We have been working on LXP Studio for weeks, and this is whats new.

- New logo
- Recording Studio mode
- TTS Rapping/Singing.
- Fixed major problems with how music gets played

And more!!


Hyposyn's most powerful DAW yet. with auto-play recording, over 15 piano instruments, and 10x faster then Hydro Pro without turbomode.

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0 = Any Music Key.

q,w,e,r,t,y,u,i,o,p - instruments

a,s,d,k,l, play and set instrument to drum set

Automatic Drums is a feature only on LXP Studio, which lets you play a simple drum beat made by sladescar, and repeat it however many times you want.

Created December 21, 2022

Last updated December 28, 2022

Published December 24, 2022