escspe work ez part 2

by shreeeeeeek
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part two of my other game, "escape work ez" from last year. this year, starting September 11th, 2023, i will be making this part two with new riddles, puzzles, and of course...finishing the series!!

play my original game (part 1) first!! dont play the boss fight game unless you want toi spoil it for yourself. that game was made last year as well. 

                                   GG to all!!
Side note, if you wanna be added as an outer reference/ side person...follow me on Roblox and type your snap name on your Roblox page so i know your name kk?
Secret Codes added, find them out yourself

Created September 11, 2023

Last updated December 13, 2023

Published October 6, 2023