Daily Pentomino

by santipt50
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The objective of the puzzle is to place the 8 pieces into the grid in order to fill all cells except for current date.
Rotate with E and R keys
Flip with F and G keys
Use Z to return a piece to its start position

Credit to Zak for the puzzle, hi Zak :)

May 27: 
-Created, added support for custom date
May 28th:
-Pieces are now grabbed more "naturally"
May 31st:
-Pieces are now rotated more "naturally"
-Added script to check if board is filled, useless so far (press enter to run)
June 1st:
-Added outline to blocks and made date indicators more transparent
June 3rd:
-Added a way to return a piece to its start position
-Now when pressing enter, the position and rotation of all pieces, along with the date (real or custom), are stored in a single string separated by commas, but I haven't figured the way to make it useful
June 15th:
-Added support for CCW rotation and both kinds of flip, with some exceptions (V block flip is essentially a 180)

Created May 27, 2023

Last updated June 15, 2023

Published May 28, 2023