Ventai & the Level War (Alpha)

by octronica
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NOTE: YAY! :) The game works now. Apologies that it took so long to fix the problem. turns out all I had to do was tweak a small set of code in the "Acid Spit" Sprite. Game works just fine now!

Affter a few months of hiatus as I was working on other games, I come back to this one. Im working to add an ingame restart and the final boss.

You play as Ventai, and must use your acid spit to take down the bossses, 1 by 1 based off of my characters I draw.

The game is hard as hell! Even I struggle against the bosses. Bring your most epic gamer skills to this war, or it may be your last...

Controlls: WandS to move, Space or Mouse to fire, Q to fire a big acid, M to fire lots of acids.

Tari: A pretty easy boss who attacks with 1 small staight shooting claw, 2 angled tiny claws, and 1 big claw that aims on you before launching

Drapatchi: A Fairly hard boss that shoots guass beams, rockets, and bass cannons. The guass beams and bass cannons do low damage but the missiles do high damage and aim on you, be careful!

Nylia: She has lots of HP and shoots rocks and blades at you. The rocks are fired in volleys but deal low damage. The Blades deal lots of damage. Her projectiles are rather slow but can clutter up the stage like a bullet hell.

Unaru: Very hard boss with low health and quick speed. It fires a flurry of bullets in a spiral then fires lots of bullets straight. The bullets deal decent damage. You must be quick on this fight as you will need to dodge alot.

FINAL BOSS: ??? (In progress)

HINT for secret mode: If your an MLG gamer, you might find yourself the secret mode.

Aditinal Notes: Try entering in some meme text ike yo mamma when entering in a  name for some easter eggs. You can give me sugestions for stuff in the forum

Created November 4, 2021

Last updated October 25, 2022

Published December 22, 2021