Ceoeos Adventure

by octronica
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!WARNING! This game is discontinued due to not working. However I left it up to preserve visual assests used.


*DEMO* work in progress. Please enjoy this demo.


Ceoeo's Adventure is a 2D shooter. You controll Ceoeo (the black alien in the UFO) and blast your way through hordes of emeny space craft, simmilar to the likes of Astro Defender, but with a difrent perspective. So far there are 2 bosses.

Emeny Types:

Basic Emeny: This red spacecraft just shoots slow red lasers. It has 2 HP

Heavy MG: This emeny is tanky and can fire lots of pellets. but there very slow. It has 10 HP.

Viroid Capsle: This emeny will ram into you if your within range. when it dies, it fires a single missile. It has 3 HP.

Virid Boss: It shoots lots of projectiles and missiles. Then, it will ocasionally ram you. If it misses, then whats when you can shoot it. Otherwise, it's invincible. It has 200 HP. It summons other emenies when it takes more damage.

Level 2:

Fanatic: This small crimson spaceship shoots short-ranged fireballs that deal a lot of damage if you dont have a shield. Keep at a distance against this ship

Flame Thrower: This emeny has lots of hitpoints and sprays fire everywhere. Try to get behind it's flames to tear it to shreads

The Herritic (Boss): This massive ship has 2 phases. In phase 1, it will nuke you with fireballs, lasers and bombs. Shoot back the bombs to damage it.

In phase 2, the ship will spam swarms of fireballs and laserbeams against you. there are no missiles to shoot back, just fire directly at the boss.

LEVEL 3 (boss comming soon):

Boomer: Shoots boomerangs and bullets at you

Telelazer: Miniboss that spins arounds teleports and shoots waves.

Im testing a few things out before I really get this project running...

Created March 16, 2022

Last updated July 30, 2023

Published April 28, 2022