Boss Battle

by octronica
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I give you... the Boss Battle! A fun game with simple graphics

I garentee you this is a profeshinally made project that works!

Note that this a very early release and im still working out some kinks and improving general gameplay and the boss.

I dont know if there is commenting in this website, but if there is, leave some sugestions bellow or something.

Anyways, you, as the player controll  the spaceship with the yellow dot on it. wasd to move and mouse to shoot. You can use e to teleport but im still working on maximizing teleportation.

Ypur goal is to take down the giant octogon that is the boss (improved shape and name to come.) however, it will not be easy (unless you become very good at this game.)

Moving on to the boss, he will shoot all sorts of things at you. however, use your ships fast speed to your advantage.

His starting move is always a stream of bullets hinted by a teal aiming guide. i reccomend moving to the side or even around the boss.

Next, he will shoot deadly fast bullets at you. just keep moving and keep up your fast speed because these do some good damage.

Next, us a barrage of shards. they will aim on to you and move in that direction. just dodge and weave or adviod them entireley by moving far away from them. This phase is concluded by alot of these homig shards.

Affter that, he will send some bouncing spikes and homing missiles at you. shoot down the missiles as they will seriously hurt.

And then he will shooting bullets randomly 360 all around him. find the gaps in his atack and weave through.

Then, he will use a mix of atacks. The shards will be joined with a miniboss who teleports and shoots waves of bullets and a shotgun of bullets.

Finally, comes a simple megalazer to conclude things off before he loops again.

I will make some major improvements to this game as time progresses. Like random phases instead of starting all over and improved graphics for the boss and bullets and a hard and easy mode, etc.

Sidenote: use see code to mod the game and use the hack menu (the black line thingy at the end of the sprite list)

Created May 10, 2021

Last updated December 24, 2021

Published May 13, 2021