Audrical Dogfight

by octronica
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UPDATE: Added health bars to the other 2 bosses and other minor improvements!

Nerfed Phase 2 HP.

Welcome to the Audrical Dogfight. (I highly reccomend listening to some dubstep music while playing this.)

Anyways, you controll a green ship, equiped with only the finest lasers and missiles you can buy. (you can get even better ones if you hack!)

Audrey Cornete has sent you on a mission to destroy some bad stuff in space.

First, defeat a space parasite. Then defeat an emeny ship.

If you need help or want to cheat the game, run into the earby space station before shooting the parasite for help.

Also, try to find and kill the secret boss :)

Created October 11, 2021

Last updated March 28, 2022

Published October 13, 2021