by mazemazermaker
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Welcome to SNAP/PAINT!
Draw what you want!

You can draw if the mouse is down and the project is active, or you can fill the selected area with F while the project is also active.
Blue pencil (no key presses)
Eraser (spacebar + hold click)
Thick pencil (blue only, key 1)
Red pencil (key 2)
Temporary pencil (black background, uses gray pen with size 5 and drawing is cleared upon releasing mouse button, key 3)
Press C to clear the board.

*The current version

What's next?
Expect the following in 1.06:
A more convenient bucket feature
Triggering pen availability
Some UI
More convenient clear feature
Custom cursor

If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns, tell me in the forums, because:
1. You can't comment in Snap! Projects,
2. I created this project before making the forums post

Created September 1, 2023

Last updated September 1, 2023

Published September 1, 2023