Guess The Face!

(remixed from Guess the emoji!, by mazerspack_snap) by mazemazermaker
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Inspired from Guess the emoji!. In Guess The Face!, you will have to guess any of the possible seven faces on screen.

If the time runs out, you will lose and cannot continue. However if you guess the wrong face and lose but still have time left, you will be able to continue (gives 50 points).

You will get 100 points for trying, if your answer is correct then you will hear a tone which is followed by getting time based on remainder time including a win, and if you play again, you get 50 points.

You can press 0 to exchange your wins if you say yes to the confirmation. You will lose all wins but get 20 points for each.

If you want to reset your score, do the following instructions:
1. Decide if to keep your wins. If you want to reset wins as well, exchange them before resetting.
2. You need to say yes twice to the confirmation. Caps are okay, typos and other answers will cancel the process.
3. You need to pause for step 1,  then pause again repeating step 1 (step 2).
4. Enter the secret code (9131024) and you will be sent to the reset station.
5. You need to choose RESET in the station to initialize the process. That and any other choice will exit the reset station.

Grind in the game to rise to the top! You may get included in the monthly event "Face Guess Masters of the Month!"
If you want to be in the leaderboard, you will need to give proof you should be there in the game's Snap! forums topic.

Created September 3, 2023

Last updated September 3, 2023

Published September 3, 2023