by kinestheticlearning
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This project was inspired by a talk given by Jens and Jadga at Robolot 2024. The talk was shared online here https://forum.snap.berkeley.edu/t/robolot-2024/16717/2 and can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ft0J3rh3WY&t=1926s I learned from Jens how to create blocks that predict the next word in a sentence, given the three previous words, based on his 4-grams language model. My goal is to create basic drawings, perhaps reminiscent of Mondrian's style, using just this limited set of instructions. The challenge is to achieve variety with such a small "corpus" (meaning I'm starting with only one example drawing).

Created May 14, 2024

Last updated May 15, 2024

Published May 14, 2024