Minesweeper 2: The Liar

by isaactium
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A recreation of minesweeper? Yes, I decided it's finally time. Now with an explanation:
The goal is to click everything but the mines. Clicking a mine causes you to lose!
The numbers tell you how much mines are around it, including diagonals.
Pressing space places a flag on the tile. Flags are used to mark mines. Tiles with flags can't be clicked. To remove a flag, press space again.
Variation specific:
The tiles will give a lie about the number of mines. If a tile truely has 3 mines, then it will say it has 2 or 4 mines, for example. Based on the 'Liar' variation from 14 Minesweeper Variations.

Created December 22, 2023

Last updated December 22, 2023

Published December 22, 2023