Undertale Obama Boss Fight

by emersongamlin
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Sometimes the text box messes up and types delayed when you first open the project, to fix this select "ACT", then wait for it to type of a jumbled mess of numbers, then move the selector to back again and it will type like normal!

If playing on a computer with little to no gaming capabilities (like the school issued laptops), you may notice your sprite moving slower or unexcpected pauses. To help with this it may run better without the music.

If you spam butons it can sometimes throw off the broadcasting signals of actions, causing some weird things to happen. If this happens, restart the game, read the directions again, and stop spamming buttons, your keyboard will thank me.


Use arrow keys to move the sprite and move the menu selectors.

Use the enter key to select throughout the menu

Use the space bar to stop the attack bar to deal damage to Obama

The color changing star is what gives you items

No, the green radar bar does not deal damage nor do the explosions.

If I'm missing anything, I'm sorry trial and error your way through.

Created March 16, 2023

Last updated September 4, 2023

Published March 16, 2023