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by dovestar
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Hi, I'm dovestar! New to Snap! and trying to figure things out. I'm not new to coding, I've been doing it for about a year and have been on Scratch for awhile. You can find me there at https://scratch.mit.edu/users/starcat421/ Call me Dove (hence my username.) I love Warriors, Wings of Fire, and Harry Potter. I am in StarClan, Ravenclaw, and NightWing. I like to animate and am just working on being a friendly person to everyone I meet. My favorite color is blue and I am obsessed with drawing any fanart. This is some decent animating. The day I shared this I joined that day. Meaning I joined on 01/16/2020. Usually I play around with code because I learn lots that way. I'm trying to be a kind and active coder and love to meet new people. This is my third project and and is basically an intro to my profile, dovestar. Oh, and my favorite characters are Ivypool or Dovewing, Starflight or Sunny, and Luna or Tonks. Enjoy! 

Created January 17, 2020

Last updated February 3, 2020

Published January 17, 2020