random rougelike

by deltav
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How to play:

collect the gray sprites (using the e key) to change your weapon and press z to discard them if you dont want the weapon

green sprites automatically heal you by 1

orange/yellow sprites give you an upgrade

hold enter to see some extra stats

wasd movement and click to shoot

Extra infomation:

this game is meant to show a system that can make randomly generated weapons which are all unique (there are 159667200 diffrent combinations i think)

obviously based off of the game "one million fatal guns"

press F2 to activte christmas mode (out of date because it is no longer christmas)

Known bugs:

very laggy unless your on a good pc then you last a while before lag) but im trying to optimise it more

you might get random errors, mostly about  "can operate on deleted sprite" but im working of fixing those

run in editor mode in case of an error so you can reset the script

auto aiming may or may not be broken

enemies left counter is sometimes slightly off

Created December 11, 2022

Last updated January 13, 2023

Published December 19, 2022