by cornelios207
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This is a project I made for the TOTM of October: Stars

It uses the HYG-Database to create a 3-dimensional map of our night sky.

I just have a very vague understanding of astronomy so the hardest part was actually trying to read the database.

When you start the project and it has finished loading (it takes a few seconds) you start at earths position looking torwards what I believe is the north celestial pole at the polar star. On the left side you can already see the great bear constellation. Try moving around to see how it changes its shape!

I haven't inplemented any orientation tools exept searching for stars yet, so you might get lost pretty quickly :/

arrow keys / mouse to rotate the view
WASD to move through the space
e/q scroll wheel to zoom in/out
r to return to start positon
f to search for a common named star

Created October 7, 2022

Last updated October 30, 2022

Published October 10, 2022