Reiter Snowflake Simulation

by cornelios207
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Inspired by and
Highly recommended to check out to understand how it works

space - open menu
p - pause
t - toggle text
r - restart
1,2,3 - style

This is a model of the growth of a snowflake. It uses only 3 parameters determining its growth and can deliver convincingly real results. By pressing space you open a menu where you can among other things select templates and after restarting watch the snowfake grow in a different formation. Of course each parameter can be changed to create your own induvidual snowflake :]

A very quick descirption of the parameters:
Alpha - Diffusion weight, how fast the ice spreads
Beta - The cells initial background value
Gamma - Add constant, by how much each ice cell and their boundaries grow

This simulation is currently on a 100x100 cells large grid, which is, for what I did so far, more than enough. It can be changed in the editor. (Larger grids make it slower though)

If you would like to save an image of the snowflake, open the project in the editor (havent found a better way) and select "export" in the menu which pauses the project and shows a variable with an svg-image. Rightclick it to export it.

I tried to make the project run as fast as possible but the larger the crystal grows the slower it gets, mainly due to the drawing time. When you first start the project it takes a few secods to load because the neighbors of all cells have to be precalculated (although I could have done a better job here). Also note that as all projects, this does not run in the background when you switch to another tab.

After all this was really fun to make and I hope you like it! :]

Created July 11, 2022

Last updated August 19, 2022

Published August 19, 2022