Asteroid Mining Game 2

by ch__
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After 4 whole months and more than 200 hours of work, I present to you the biggest project I've ever taken on:


A mind-blowing recreation of the iconic asteroid mining game, now with 8 different asteroid types, over 100 unique ship upgrades, and an original 4-piece soundtrack composed by 2-time grammy winner Jonas Tyroller. But that's not all. To fit all of this into Snap's tiny 10MB limit, numerous breakthroughs in Snap coding such as replit storage, hyperspeed compression, and multiversal QRXX1 blockchain ultracryptobroadcasting were invented to load all 6 GB of content with just 10 MB of code in under 50 seconds.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, and click that green flag. And get comfortable; our average playtester spent 49 hours on this game during our 2-day test alone.

Created April 1, 2023

Last updated April 1, 2023

Published April 1, 2023