AlexisEmerson - FinalProject

by alexis.emerson
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Description: a calendar where you can add events on a year, month, and day view.

How to Play: Press enter to start the calendar. Click on spaces within the calendar to move to more specific place (i.e. year to month, month to week). Click outside the box to go backward (i.e. week to month, month to year). Use year to navigate between months. Press space to enter an event.

Global Variables: 
ALL EVENTS - contains all events
MONTHS - contains every month (in which the name and list of days in every week in the month are kept)
WEEK - contains a list of the days of the week

identify place for events - gives every event a coordinate
set global variables - contains the set of all global variables so the stage is cleaner
move between screens - contains all the code for moving between screens and determining which screen is drawn
draw month - draws the month
draw full year - draws the year
draw week _ in _ - draws a particular week in a particular month

Created June 29, 2023

Last updated July 1, 2023

Published June 29, 2023