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Slightly ok recreation of the XMB menu system used on the PS3. Arrow keys to navigate and space to select.

Have a look at the code for instructions on how to customise for your own projects.

For some reason (no clue why) dynamically updating the menu structure without recreating it (as seen in this project with the fake Wi-Fi toggle button) will only work in the editor - on the project page, it will basically just hang up. If you know why this is please tell me on the forums!!

- various fancy animations or layouts are not implemented, I have tried to add an appropriate substitute for these
- labels are only shown for the current selection, because performance, and you can't have a description
- the background is rubbish (i can't run a shader in snap!)
- the actual menu items
- no sounds (yet)
- the text rendering, because using WRITE is way easier than using a custom font (may change in future)

Created April 2, 2022

Last updated April 3, 2022

Published April 3, 2022