Minekreff Steve the Diamond Collector

by _fruitninjaassassin
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*** Minekreff (fea. Steve the Diamond Collector) ***
Steve, infamous for his luck and special job, mines diamonds for a living in the world of Minekreff. Diamonds, a rare mineral found beneath the surface, is used for "kreffing" (pronounced "crafting") tools or could be traded.

# Story
The Gods of Minekreff have recently decided to share the privilage of being Steve and YOU have been CHOSEN to become Steve for one day. Please remember that the gods of Minekreff
are constantly looking upon you and you shall NOT NOT mine diamonds while you are Steve. You have been WARNED!

# Controls of Steve
SPACE = jump (move one block up)
W = face forward (Steve also automatically faces forward if he hasn't moved for 0.2 seconds)
A = move left
D = move right
L-CLICK = breas block on screen

# Onscreen Info
There will be an indicator on the top-left that shows the number of diamonds that Steve has in his inventory.

There will be an icon on the top-right that shows the pickaxe that Steve is using. It could be wood, stone, iron, gold or diamond.

There will also be a number on the blocks which are damaged that shows the block's remaining hitpoints. The block will also fade as it is broken.

# TODO (for the future)
- the "distance to Steve" doesn't work in Snap... doesn't calculate the distance from the clone to Steve but instead from the original Sprite 
- make gravity more realistic
- render pickaxe
- render clouds
- fix block hitpoints
- think of something for detecting collision with blocks BESIDE (not beneath); need a way to diffrentiate them --> ideas: direction to (a clone of block) <-- not much documentation on that though...

# KNOWN Bugs
** most are really due to the limitation of Snap
- holding onto SPACE key makes Steve go too high; tapping doesn't have this issue (Snap does not diffrentiate tapping and holding onto keys)
- Steve might look stuck in midair because of his imaginary hitbox
- Steve might get stuck or be inside the blocks

Created February 6, 2020

Last updated June 20, 2020

Published June 20, 2020