snap space program

by 18001767679
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Kerbal Space Program(but 2d) with Principia(cuz lazy to calculate SOI).
Z full throttle
X zero throttle
C more throttle(couldnt use shift and ctrl :C)
V less throttle
A turn left
D turn right
0 SAS Stability Assist
1 SAS Prograde Hold
2 SAS Retrograde Hold
T SAS Off(to turn it back on use 0)
G Orbit Prediction(only 120 frames,cuz it real laggy!)
There is only one planet and if you add more,they do not form binary systems(i.e no elocity or gravity simulation cuz too laggy)
But L1 points still exist

Created October 7, 2022

Last updated October 7, 2022

Published October 7, 2022