letternations - Snap! edition

by isaactium

Created February 1, 2024

Last updated February 24, 2024

Shared February 1, 2024

Published February 1, 2024

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this is letternations, but on Snap!. letternations are things like red and yellow e, republic of e, Republic of H, republic of z, republic of ψ, and more.


https://snap.berkeley.edu/project?username=letternationsnap&projectname=list of Snap! letternations

========= THE  RULES =========

1 - the Mathematical Banishment
No using a, r, w, x, y, z, θ, λ, π, or ω in a Snap! letternation
2 - the Joining Rule
To join you must claim a letter for a nation. All Snap! letternations have to be accepted in a volume on the history of Snap! letternations or an announcement. If it is accepted, then @isaactium can veto it at any moment, and if you have already created a nation before, you do not need to be accepted again. You know if you joined by checking the above list of Snap! letternations.
3 - the Power rule
dumbness is worth power. projness (improving the project) is even more power. volumes have no power.
4 - the Amount rule
Only one Snap! letternation at a time. If you are conquered, you can create a new one.
5 - the Anglogreek rule
No Snap! letternations that aren't English or Greek letters.
6 - the Colonization rule
You may only invade or conquer a nation if it is already own by someone.
7 - the Union-Genghis of Alpha-I Stonks rule
For every letter you own (have at least 50% of), you may have 100% of Snap! letternation stocks, 50% for every other letternation you own the most of, and 50% more.
This means that if someone already owns a nation, but already owns more than 50% stocks, and doesn't have a majority in any Snap! letternation stocks, then they must give away stocks until they have 150% stocks
8 - the Diplomacy rule
Only control your nation.
9 - the Conquest rule
Letters are only conquered when the other person surrenders or is inactive for at least 3 weeks and every one agrees that they can be conquered. Just because they surrender does not mean you get all the nation (In fact, most of the time you don't)
10 - the Lawsuit rule
Lawsuits are wars fought between arguments and not projness / dumbness. They are won when either one gives up or ones not in the battle give a final verdict.
11 - obey the announcements
12 - obey the Snap! ToS

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