Rhythm Practice 1

by treblocj
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- Click the green flag to start
- Each box is one beat in a measure
- Click on the counting boxes to switch the counting. Each counting block is half a beat.
- The arrow means that the note or rest is held during that half of the beat.
- The blue "R" and blue arrows are for rests.
- Once you have changed the counting blocks, press CHECK to see if you are correct.
- Boxes that turn green are correct and red boxes need correction.  Make corrections and press CLICK again.
- Once all the boxes turn green the NEXT button will appear. Press it to get a new rhythm. The score will increase once the NEXT button has been pushed.
- Clicking the green flag will take the score to zero.
- A blank box means the symbol in the previous box lasts for more than one beat.

Created March 10, 2021

Last updated March 18, 2021

Published March 18, 2021