The Hidden Planet, the Final Battle

by thunderstruck500
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Here it is. The new final battle. Space to swing sword and WASD keys to move.

Boss phases:
Phase 1: Teleports up and down, shooting shadow balls at you dodge them and hit him when hes not firing or hit back the balls. Every time you hit them back they get faster. Do this until he is below 400 health

Phase 2: He glides randomly around the board, you lose to health if touching him. Get him below 350 to advance.

Phase 3: Shoots a ball that follows you. Hit the ball twice to deflect it and deal ten damage to the boss. Get him below 300 hundred to adnvance.

Phase 4: Sends a shade that tells you were hes going to move, then moves there and shoots five quick shadow balls at you. You can deflect them and deal five damage to the boss. Get him below 200 to move to the next phase.

Phase 5: Glides quickly around the board, dealing 2 damage while touching him. Hit him with your sword and get him below 150.

Phase 6: Glides up and down, shooting shadow balls at you. deflect them and hit him with your sword to get him below 100 health

Final Phase: Shoots shadowball after shadowball at you very quickly. Deflect to get him to 0 health. 

Then you win

-Have fun. ThunderStruck500

Created April 27, 2023

Last updated April 30, 2023

Published April 30, 2023