Space Defender Remixed

(remixed from Space Defender, by turtle-coder) by thunderstruck500
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This is Space Defenders, where you battle bugs from space

LEFT-Left Arrow
Right-Right Arrow

There are also statistics for you to enjoy. It remains after pressing the red hexagon, although I'm not sure if it will survive if you get off the game.


*Just confirmed it won't save if you get off the game. Sorry. If you can comment to me, tell me how to fix it if you know. Thanks!

I just edited it almost all the coding goes to turtle-coder, except for the parts i changed, but i only changed a little. Coded by Turtle-Coder remixed by ThunderStruck500
All rights go to turtle-coder

Created May 18, 2023

Last updated May 18, 2023

Published May 18, 2023