by ten_6044
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SuperLapse is a time-lapse maker to capture beautiful events from a camera. SuperLapse allows you to create a time-lapse in an easy way, capture hundreds of events, etc.

You can try to capture:
- Driving cars in the road.
- Moving clouds in the sky.
- Very slow motion.

1. Click "Create a new timelapse" in the screen.
2. Choose a speed.
3. Click or tap to start the timelapse. When prompted, choose "Allow" when prompted to enable camera.
4. Start your recording.
5. When done, click the screen, and choose either "Stop" or "Stop and Export".
6. If you'd like to export, choose "Stop and Export". Choose your resolution. Wait for the export process to complete. Your file will be exported as a TXT file.
7. To view your timelapse, click the green flag, choose "View a timelapse from TXT file".

- For the best experience, use a tripod or a laptop to capture events in a rapid speed.
- The frames are exported with low resolution (48x36 or 96x72) to save space. We'll try to increase the resolution if possible.
- The frames are recorded with quite lower color channel (about 262,144 colors) to avoid potential glitches.
- Nothing will be sent nor shared. You're private and secure.

Created January 6, 2023

Last updated January 7, 2023

Published January 6, 2023