SVG Marquee Maker

by ten_6044
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Make sure to enable JavaScript extensions to use this project.

First, choose "Enter text". Then press "Next". Enter contents of the marquee/running text. An animated SVG file will be downloaded as a marquee and you can view it. Useful for some cases.

BTW marquee is a running text.

- I took the script from and modified it. I'm still new to JS.
- The CSS colors were taken from

Oct 4, 2022 (part 3) - Now you can change the width of the running text.
Oct 4, 2022 (part 2) - Now you can change the color of the running text.
Oct 4, 2022 (part 1) - An idea from the topic of this project is now to remove the character limit. Longer text may have longer delay on marquees, but that doesn't matter.

- While CSS has "magenta" or "cyan", I don't include it here because they look identical to "fuchsia" and "aqua" and they are confused why there are duplicates. However, "gray" and "grey" duplicates are kept because it's for US and British people to understand, and colors like "darkmagenta" or "lightcyan" aren't excluded; they have no duplicates such as "darkfuchsia" or "lightaqua", which does not exist in CSS.

Created October 3, 2022

Last updated October 4, 2022

Published October 3, 2022