Interactive Sound Meter

by ten_6044
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We recommend checking your microphone settings before using this project.

The screen will update every 1/10 of a second. You might have experienced slowness when the green flag is clicked recently.
Resolution is the range of samples. It can be set by seeing code, entering Settings, and change in "Microphone resolution..." and set it to either low, normal, high, or max.
Frequency is the number of cycles per second from your microphone.
Similarly, note is like frequency, but not logarithmic. There are several formats.
In the middle is the sound amplifier (it may not be 100% accurate, you can set your microphone settings to increase accuracy)
Sample rate is obvious, it's the number of samples in a second.
The bottom-left bar are the played samples.
The bottom-right bar are the spectrum.

Created January 10, 2022

Last updated March 22, 2022

Published January 10, 2022