by ten_6044
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This tool checks your browser performance by checking iterations then report. Using an antivirus can reduce the score, because it might slow down Snap!

First, set the accuracy, by pressing the up/down arrows. After that, you can you can press enter to check performance. After the process is complete, you'll see your score.

Higher accuracy will make results accurate, but slow down the benchmarking process.

Note: In Snap! 8.0.0, the frame rate was throttled to 67 frames per second or lower. In October 6th, 2022, if your frame rate is 67, it should be possible to get more points.

I re-shared the project at October 6th, 2022 and changed the report screen, to relate to Snap! instead. I will extend soon if it is possible.

Created May 12, 2022

Last updated October 6, 2022

Published August 4, 2022