3-letter word game

by ten_6044
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This is a game where you spell each 3-letter word from 8 boxes. There are 9 boxes, with the middle box unused, each word must be spelt correctly. You spell the words from one corner to another corner, horizontally or vertically, and form 4 words. Tap a box to enter a letter. Press space to see if a board is accepted. If the board is accepted, you get points and extra time.

Each word must be in dictionary and each board should not contain the very same words. Also, each word must be unique.


Word list - https://github.com/first20hours/google-10000-englis h (no swears)
Music - 3 by 3 - by me, made in MuseScore.

Created May 29, 2024

Last updated May 29, 2024

Published May 29, 2024