Malbolge Emulator

by slate technologies
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The Malbolge Emulator was inspired by the programming language, Malbolge. It was made in 1998 and is considered the hardest programming language in the entire world because of how difficult it was.

A simple "Hello World" program can take at least 21 characters in Python, including the parenthesis. However, it will take a BILLION characters in Malbolge because, well, no one knows!

It was so hard that it took 2 years for someone to make a Hello World program using Malbolge, and even then it wasn't programmed or deciphered by a human. But a machine. More specifically a Beam Search.

To this day, no one has ever programmed anything using Malbolge, and there only has been 5 programs made with Malbolge so far. Hell, even the creator of Malbolge hasn't even programmed anything with it.

This is my Malbolge Emulator, complete with commands and other whatnot! It's very easy to learn, and I have at least programmed 100 original programs with Malbolge because my IQ goes through the roof!

...or does it?

Created June 18, 2022

Last updated June 18, 2022

Published June 18, 2022