by s_federici
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IMPORTANT: to use this tool you MUST click the EDIT button.

This project runs an almost-natural-language programming language to write search and sorting algorithm inside Snap.

It was originally made to run inside the BloP extension, but you can also safely run this version in Snap if, before running the search/sort scripts that you find in the "xxx sort" sprites, you click the green flag every time in order to clean the ASSL environment. Every "xxx sort" sprite is a different program
NOTE: when running this project inside the BloP extension you will not see the "assl envir" sprite and the Stage. You will not be able to move the elements on the Stage. You will not be able to remove the assl commands from the palette nor to change how they works. You will run everything inside a "safe" environment, like you do in Snap or Scratch.

Created August 3, 2020

Last updated August 3, 2020

Published August 3, 2020